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Humboldt Students in the Armed Services

The Hawk Battalion Army JROTC

[Yes this is a little dated, but we are still very proud of our cadets!]

Humboldt students and graduates are capable of amazing things. We as a school have had many students in the past go into the military. The following students that I will name have recently been shipped to Iraq. Some people agree on the war and some do not however I think that it is safe to say that everyone wants to thank all of the men and women who fight for our nation every day.

Let us take our time in wishing luck and thankfulness to:

Andrea Carison (National Guard)             Zane Lucy (National Guard)
Chris Vasquez (National Guard)              Melissa Edwards (National Guard)
Dan Lopez (National Guard)                    Nick Otto (National Guard)
Isaac Lopez (National Guard)                  Dave Lopez (National Guard)
Brian Mueller (USMC-Marines)                Derrick Gillum (USMC-Marines)
Daniel Murphy (Sniper Team Leader with the 101st Airborne)

If I have missed any graduates from Humboldt we apologize.

Let us know.  These are the soldiers who have been recently deployed.