Michael Sodomka, Principal

30 East Baker Street, Saint Paul, MN 55107

(651) 293-8600 | Get Directions

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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Staff Directory

Humboldt Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Email Title Department Extension Direct Days Room
Adan Abdi abdi.adan@spps.org Teacher Math 45842 744-5842 1252
Aeilts Steve steven.aeilts@spps.org Assistant Principal Office 45566 1020
Andrighetti Brianna brianna.andrighetti@spps.org Teacher Science 47716 1604
Appelbaum Martin martin.appelbaum@spps.org Teacher FACS 47978 1248
Appleton Hannah hannah.appleton@spps.org Teacher English Language Learners (ELL) 47028 1245
Asmussen Nancy nancy.asmussen@spps.org Educational Asst. Special Ed 45689 3239
Austin Thomas thomas.austin@spps.org Teacher Agriculture 45214 1238
Avaloz Mari avaloz@stolaf.edu Upward Bound St. Olaf Trio 2247
Baheiry Jevita baheriy@stolaf.edu Educational Talent Search (ETS) St. Olaf Trio 45769 2247
Baker Rachel rachel.baker@spps.org Teacher Math 43351 2223
Bangoura Jennifer jennifer.bangoura@spps.org Teacher English 45850 2243
Barsness Duane duane.barsness@spps.org Teaching Asst. General Ed
Baumgart Cort cort.baumgart@ci.stpaul.mn.us Police Liaison SPPD 45784 1021
Behnke Theresa thersa.behnke@spps.org Teacher English/Reading 45572 3229
Behrend Lori lori.behrend@spps.org Clerk/Registrar Counseling Office 44795 2259
Bejblik Mary mary.bejblik@spps.org Teacher Math 45627 3235
Benda John john.benda@spps.org Teacher Math 45628 3226
Benson Randy randall.benson@spps.org Teacher Math 45573 3216
Berard Andrea andrea.berard@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-D/HH 46286 2237
Black Patricia patricia.black@spps.org Teaching Asst. Special Ed
Block Andrew andrew.block@spps.org Teacher Social Studies 47704 2233
Bohland Mary mary.bohland@spps.org Teaching Asst. 45714 1256
Broadrick Anna anna.broadrick@ssps.org Teacher Special Ed-D/HH 46608 2247A
Brunner Eric eric.brunner@spps.org Intervention Specialist AOIT 45753 3214
Cappuccio Carey carey.cappuccio@spps.org Teaching Asst. Special Ed
Carrier John john.carrier@spps.org Teacher Science 45626 3206
Christensen Julie julie.christensen@spps.org Teacher English/Reading 45579 2206
Chrzaszcz Jolene jolene.chrzaszcz@spps.org Teacher Science 41874 2245
Coad Amy amy.coad@spps.org Psychologist Special Ed 2245
Comeford Jeanne jeanne.comeford@spps.org Teacher French 43850 3218
Cruz Mary mary.cruz@spps.org Teacher English Language Learners (ELL) 43360 1608 Jr. High
Davis Renae renae.davis@spps.org Social Worker Indian Ed 2250C
Day Jesse jesse.day@spps.org Teaching Asst. SPED 45178
DeSmet Maggie maggie.desmet@spps.org Sanneh Foundation Staff Dreamline 1235
Dube Nalini nalini.dube@spps.org Psychologist Special Ed 48022 W,F 2250B
Duchateau Nick nickolas.duchateau@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-EBD
Dunlap Sonja sonja.dunlap@spps.org Teacher Science 45249 3236
Dupay Cayenne cayenne.dupay@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter-D/HH 45624 3239
Eguia Blanca blanca.eguia@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter-Spanish 45690 W, Th, F 3239
Elizondo Steve steven.elizondo@spps.org Teacher Art 45629 1254
Elliott Heidi heidi.elliott@spps.org Teacher AOIT Coordinator 2255
Engelun Mary mary.engelun@spps.org Teacher English Language Learners (ELL) 41875 W,Th,F 1211
Evanson Jim james.evanson@spps.org Custodian Custodial 45709 1113
Farrell Jennifer jennifer.farrell@spps.org Counselor Counseling Office 45567 2264
Fernandez Alexis alexis.fernandez@spps.org Counselor Counseling Office 46546 2260
Fischbeck Carly carly.fischbeck@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter-D/HH 42440 3239
Fornes-Bates Bryce bryce.fornes-bates@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-SLD 44944 2204
Forry Amanda amanda.forry@spps.org EA D/HH 45360 3239
Franco Marissa marissa.franco@spps.org Teaching Asst.
Freeberg Veronica veronica.freeburg@spps.org Social Worker Special Ed 46044 2266
Garcia Carrie carrie.garcia@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-Autism 45792 1212
Garofalo James james.garofalo@spps.org Teacher Social Studies 47251 2236
Glass Teresa teresa.glass@spps.org Occpational Therpist Special Ed
Gomez Frank frank.gomez@spps.org Chief Engineer Custodial Office 44415 1113
Gonsalez Ray ray.gonsalez@spps.org Teacher Phy. Ed./Health 45581 1236
Good Michelle michelle.good@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-D/HH 48130 2210
Graham Carol carol.graham@spps.org Physical Therapist Special Ed 47213 1216
Grant Christine Educational Asst. Interpreter-D/HH 45323 3239
Gray Samantha samanth.gray@spps.org Counselor Counseling Office 45758 2262
Guidry Craig craig.guidry@spps.org Assistant Principal Office 46426 1019
Haefemeyer Carl carl.haefemeyer@spps.org Teacher English 47471 2212
Hammond Kayla hammon1@stolaf.edu Educational Talent Search (ETS) St. Olaf Trio 2247
Hancock Kristin kristin.hancock@spps.org Teacher Special Ed 45090 3230
Hanrahan Joe joe.hanrahan@spps.org Teaching Asst. Special Ed 45722
Hanson Deb debra.hanson@spps.org Teacher Phy Ed/Health 45585 1236
Hanson Mary Gail mary.gail.hanson@spps.org Teacher Science 45586 3234
Haugen Colleen colleen.haugen@spps.org Teacher Social Studies 45584 3215
Health Clinic Health Clinic Health Clinic 651-312-1996 1004
Hersi Omar omar.hersi@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter-Somali 45777 M,Th,F 3239
Hildahl Kim hildahl@stolaf.edu Upward Bound St. Olaf Trio 2247
Hillyard Justin justin.hillyard@spps.org Teacher Math 2609 Jr. High
Hirn Matt matt.hirn@spps.org Therapist 48329 1304
Holter Heather heather.holter@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter, Captionist-D/HH 45706 3239
Hooper Sue susan.hooper@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-Phy Ed 45638 1405
Hubin Daniel daniel.hubin@spps.org Educational Asst. D/HH 45777 3239
Huhner Benjamin bennamin.huhner@spps.org Teacher Math 48315 2221
Jawahir Chatindra chatrindra.jawahir@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-DCD 45594 3204
Johnson Andy andy.johnson@spps.org Teaching Asst. Special Ed 45724 2241
Johnson Corey corey.johnson@spps.org Teacher Work Experience Coordinator 47118 2241
Jones Jonathan jonathan.jones@spps.org Special Ed Lead Special Ed Lead 1018
Joyce Denise denise.joyce@spps.org Speech Therapist Special Ed 43707 2250B
Kappes Stacey stacey.kappes@spps.org Counselor MEP 41357 Th, F 2254
Karli Scott scott.karli@spps.org Vision Program Special Ed
Kesti Julie julie.kesti@spps.org Teacher English/Reading 47228 2608 Jr. High
Kipka Peggy margaret.kipka@spps.org Teaching Asst. Special Ed 45721
Konkel Jenny jenny.konkel@spps.org Educational Asst. Special Ed-D/HH 45493 3239
Krishnan Samhitha College Possible (Juniors) College and Career Center 45771 T, Th 2256
Kunze Timothy timothy.kunze@spps.org Work Coordinator Special Ed 2241
Lacher Karen karen.lacher@spps.org Teacher Social Studies 47491 3231
Larsen Joseph joseph.larsen@spps.org Teacher English Language Learners (ELL) 46562 3202/3232
Lawrence-Windholz Barb barbara.lawrence-windholz@spps.org Teacher Music-Choir,Piano 45796 1301/1302
LeClair Nina nina.leclair@spps.org Attend Clerk Office 47203 1014
Leepalao Yia yia.leepalao@spps.org Nurse Nurse's Office 23732 651-888-7637 1001
Lestock John john.lestock@spps.org Teacher Music-Instrumental 44398 1305
Lien Betsy betsy.lien@spps.org Teacher English Language Learners (ELL) 45601 1234
Liljedahl Daniel daniel.liljedahl@spps.org Teacher Library 42943 2250
Lor Andrew D. andrew.lor@spps.org Teacher Math 42151 2225
Luna Carlos carlos.luna@spps.org Teaching Asst. Special Ed
Lwin Kyaw Kyaw kyawkyaw.lwin@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter-Karen
Martinez Anastacia anastacia.martinez@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-EBD 45830 1247B
McCann Liz elizabeth.mccann@spps.org Food Service Supervisor Food Service 45564 1114
McCloud Matt matthew.mccloud@spps.org Teacher English 45605 3224
Mckinley Jermain jermain.mckinley@spps.org Behavior Specialsit St. Paul Youth Service
McMonigal Liz liz.mcmonigal@spps.org Speech Therapist Speech Therapy 45893 2250B
Mendez David david.mendez@spps.org Sanneh Foundation Staff Dreamline 41088 1011
Mergens Dave david.mergens@spps.org Athletic Director Athletics 45640 1410
Michaelson Christopher christopher.michaelson@spps.org Teacher Technology 45615 2219
Milazzo Sarah sarah.milazzo@spps.org Teacher Graphic Arts 45603 1235
Minnema Eleanor elanor.minnema@spps.org Teacher English 45618 2220
Mitchell Devron devron.mitchell@spps.org Behavior Specialsit St. Paul Youth Service 44307 1601
Moore Judith judith.moore@spps.org Attendance Intervention Specialist School Professional 45547 1018
Morelli Denise denise.morelli@spps.org Principal's Sctry/Office Mgr. Office 43497 Office
Moser James james.moser@spps.org Instructor JROTC 1218/1220/1224
Moua Shoua shoua.moua@spps.org Teacher TOSA Data/Curriculum Coach 45620 2255
Murphy Levi levi.murphy@spps,org Teacher Math 43213 2248
Nehring Michael michael.nehring@spps.org Teacher Technology 3214
Nelson Annette annette.nelson@spps.org Parent Coordinator Office 48220 Office
Norberg William bill.norberg@spps.org Teacher Science 45607 3232
Novacheck Brad bradley.novacheck@spps.org Teacher Agriculture 46227 1233
Nthole Andrea andrea.nthole@spps.org Teacher Agriculture 47268 1225
O'Hair Heidi ohair@stolaf.edu Educational Talent Search (ETS) St. Olaf Trio 45769 T,Th,F 2247A
Omer Yara yara.omer@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-D/HH 45608 2216
O'Nell-Catalan Erika erika.onell-catalan@spps.org Teacher Special Ed. 44858 1244
Ongstad Amanda amanda.ongstad@spps.org Social Worker Special Ed 47893 2265
Osborne Matt matthew.osborne@spps.org Teacher Social Studies 45609 1222
Parks Daryl daryl.parks@spps.org Project Coordinator Welding Pathways
Patton Marc marc.patton@spps.org TOSA TOSA - IPAD Tech 47862 2255
Pham Tung tung.pham@spps.org Administrative Asst. Office 43075 1018
Prohaska Jodie jodie.prohaska@spps.org Teacher Science 45612 3238
Quintana Michelle michelle.quintana@spps.org Teacher Spanish 45678 3203
Ramji Rahim rahim.ramji@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-EBD 48167 2218
Reeve Claudia claudia.reeve@spps.org Teacher English Language Learners (ELL) 45610 2222
Rekonen Lauren lauren.rekonen@spps.org Teacher Social Studies 45611 2214
Rhines Alice alice.rhines@spps.org Teaching Asst. Special Ed 45729
Robbins Jonathan johathan.robbins@spps.org Teacher Math 42877 3208
Robinson Natalie natalie.robinson@spps.org Project Coordinator PBIS/Testing 44399 744-4399 2250A
Rosen Marylynn marylynn.rosen@spps.org Educational Asst. In School Suspension (ISS) 42169 1253
Ruiz Shelby shelby.ruiz@spps.og Check and Connect Indian Ed 2250C
Sandbeck Stephanie stephanie.sandeck@spps.org Teaching Asst.
Saw Jeffry jeffry.saw@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter-Karen 45172 3239
Scheuerlein Suzanne suzanne.scheuerlein@spps.org Teacher Math 45568 2610 Jr. High
Schultz Jennifer jennifer.schultz@spps.org Teacher English/Reading 45613 2606 Jr. High
Schultz Rachel rachel.schultz@spps.org Social Worker Special Ed-D/HH 45754 2224
Schultz-Nelson Margaret margaret.schultz-nelson@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-EBD 41781 1013
Schulze Michael michael.schulze@spps.org Network/Technology Support District Technology 45755 1211a
Shearer Rick richard.shearer@spps.org Instructor JROTC 45539 1218/1220/1224
Sineni Frank frank.sineni@spps.org Teacher Social Studies 45645 2602 Jr. High
Sivanich Charlotte charlotte.sivanich@spps.org Teacher Math 42665 2232
Smolik Cindy cindy.smolik@spps.org Teacher Special Ed-SLD 46919 1602 Jr. High
Snyder Sue sue.snyder@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter-D/HH 45683 3239
Sodomka Mike michael.sodomka@spps.org Principal Office 45532 1017
Spicer Diane diane.spicer@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter-D/HH 45691 3239
Stafford Anika anika.stafford@spps.org Counselor AOIT Counseling Office 46416 2263
Stevenson April april.stevenson@spps.org Teacher Engiish/Reading 47889 2235
Swails Laurie laurie.swails@spps.org Business/Budget Clerk Office 45534 Office
Swenson Jen jswenson@collegepossible.org College Possible (Seniors) College and Career Center 45771 T, TH College & Career Center
Szajner Janet janet.szajner@spps.org Teacher English 47256 2202
Tauer Holly holly.tauer@spps.org Teacher Special Ed 48309 1232
Thao Sheng sheng.thao@spps.org Social Worker Special Ed 46430 M,T,Th Library Offices
Thao Thay thao@stolaf.edu Upward Bound St. Olaf Trio 45769 2247
Thuente Sarah sarah.thuente@spps.org Teacher English Language Learners (ELL) 43538 2251
Tolentino Judy judy.tolentino@spps.org Teaching Asst. General Ed
Uriostegui Stephanie stephanie.uriostegui@spps.org Teaching Asst.
van Deusen Diana diana.vandeusen@spps.org Audiologist Special Ed 45756 W 1005A
Vaudreuil Katie kathryn.vaudreuil@spps.org Social Worker Counseling Office 45555 2268
Vue Xibz kongxib.vue@spps.org Sanneh Foundation Staff Dreamline 1235
Vukson Madeline madeline.vukson@spps.org Teacher English/Reading 47896 3217
Wages Alaina alaina.wages@spps.org Teaching Asst. Special Ed
Walerius Andrew andrew.walerius@spps.org Teacher English/Reading 45759 2217
Wang Lou Lia wangl@stolaf.edu Educational Talent Search (ETS) St. Olaf Trio 45769 2247
Watkins Amere awatkins@spys.org Behavior Specialsit St. Paul Youth Service
Webb Corrinne corrine.webb@spps.org Teacher Math 41796 2249
Winkelman Hanna hanna.winkelman@spps.org Teacher English Language Learners (ELL) 46337 3225
Winters Bryale bryale.winters@spps.org Teaching Asst. Special Ed 45123
Wood Becky becky.wood@spps.org Teacher Health Careers 44147 1606/1608 Jr. High
Yang Doua doua.vang@spps.org Educational Asst. Interpreter-Hmong 78219 T 3239
Zanitsch Tracy tracy.zanitsch@spps.org Project Coordinator Student Assessment Coord 41309 2254